By Carol Dempson
October 10, 2015

7 Second Eye Lift

7 second eye lift

When we want to change something about ourselves, we want changes as fast as possible. That’s why 7 Second Eye Lift appeals to a lot of people.

7 Second Eye Lift is a highly recommended wrinkle cream advertised to produce “amazing instant results” within seconds.

7 Second Eye Lift makers claim it targets two different eye problems: dark circles and wrinkles. To remedy these, 7 Second Eye Lift is formulated with powerful peptides proven to improve skin quality and remove signs of stress. And it’s supposed to make a difference within seconds

Let’s dig a bit deeper and see if it can live up to all the hype and see if you’ll really be looking younger in just a few seconds.

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According to 7 Second Eye Lift makers, users can expect tighter skin, less puffiness, and noticeably lighter skin. This is due to its natural and clinically proven peptides.

Like most eye creams, 7 Second Eye Lift contains Eyeseryl to combat puffiness, bags, and circles under the eyes. Eyeseryl prevents under eye fluid buildup while strengthening delicate capillaries to improve blood flow. This prevents vascular leaking, which often results in dark circles as you age.

7 Second Eye Lift also contains Matrixyl 3000, which has been clinically proven to reduce wrinkles by 70%[1]. Matrixyl 3000 also leaves the skin firmer and smoother, helping you look younger and more awake.

Pepha-tight also plays a crucial role in the 7 Second Eye Lift formula. It increases the skin’s elasticity while tightening it by strengthening connective tissue. Additionally, pepha-tight increases collagen production, making your skin smoother and firmer.

7 Second Eye Lift also contains Syn-coll, one of the strongest peptides on the market. Syn-coll has such a good reputation because it reduces wrinkles, fine lines, and sagginess.

Possible Side Effects

I didn’t come across any side effects complaints. In fact, many of the 7 Second Eye Lift ingredients were specifically chosen to strengthen and support healthy skin.

Should irritation occur, it may be an allergic reaction to a 7 Second Eye Lift ingredient. Read the label carefully and consult your dermatologist if you have any additional concerns.

However, Steven A Cole at writes, “I have tried several hypoallergenic eye creams. They all make my skin itch or burn. This product works great with no side effects. I am completely satisfied.”

How Fast is it Really?

As with any cream, moisturizer, or similar anti-aging product, individual results will vary. Some users report that the tightening effects are almost instantaneous, while others state it takes continuous use to get the best results.

Samantha Jackson, BellaOnline’s Beauty Basics Editor points out, “7 Second Eye Lift does start working right away. As soon as I smoothed it onto the skin around my eyes, my eye area started to feel tighter and smoother to the touch. It also held moisture for a long period of time, even though I was outside and in the wind, which usually dries that area in particular out. Also, the feeling persisted long after the serum had absorbed.”

Recommended Usage

7 Second Eye Lift is easy to apply and great even for sensitive skin. To begin, lightly dab a small portion around your eyes. You can then apply any additional moisturizers or lotions you may already use.

Most consumers recommend using 7 Second Eye Lift regularly to get the best results.

Pricing and Guarantee

On the official 7 Second Eye Lift website, you can order one tube for $29.99. This is a significant discount from its original listed price, $99.99.

Three 7 Second Eye Lift tubes cost $89.99. Free shipping and a fourth tube are included for free.

7 Second Eye Lift also comes with a great 90-day guarantee. If you aren’t satisfied with your results, you can return one empty bottle for a full refund minus shipping and handling.
Call 1-888-778-7099 to contact customer support for any questions about your order or to make a return.

7 Second Eye Lift History

7 Second Eye Lift creators sought to bring the industry a fast-acting product. They therefore made it their goal to create a product to erase dark circles and wrinkles, making them fade literally before your eyes

As you can see, the manufacturers succeeded. I have yet to see a formula that works this fast.


7 Second Eye Lift was generated with sensitivity, although this gentleness does not undermine its results. As an additional bonus, it does not complicate your daily skin care regimen and can be combined with other moisturizers.

Because this product has been supported by scientific studies, happy customers, and a money back guarantee, I think it’s worth giving 7 Second Eye Cream a try.

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[1] “Matrixyl 3000: Two Matrikines to Fight Sign of Ageing.” Sederma. n. page. Web. 11 Oct. 2012.

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rose Says:

were do i buy the 7 secound eye lift?

April 10, 2011 at 2:27 am

rose Says:

call me please if you have a phone # i can call and order the 7 secound eye lift . thank you 305-767-6580

April 10, 2011 at 2:30 am

Lynn Says:

I ended up ordering 4 tubes of 7 Second Eye Lift and really love it! I’m 67 yrs old and can pass for 20 yrs younger but what I can’t change is the overhang of my top eye lid. 7 Second really seemed to tighten it up. Also, egg whites, slightly beaten and left on your face with tea bags over your eyes and legs in the air against a wall for 15 min. is the ultimate kindness to your legs, face, and eyes.
Try it!!

September 14, 2011 at 9:44 pm

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