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By Carol Dempson
September 1, 2015



Skin discoloration can happen for a number of different reasons. Some uneven pigmentation on your face can be attributed to melasma or age spots. Regardless of the reason, Lucederm is a skin brightening cream designed to help even out your skin tone for a healthier looking complexion. Lucederm has a formula that should absorb into your skin to lighten darkened areas on your skin with extracts. After just a few weeks of using Lucederm your skin should look radiant. Can Lucederm really help brighten your skin?


Instead of using the harsh bleaching agent hydroquinone, Lucederm combines two alternative skin lightening agents. Alpha-arbutin is a skin lightening ingredient that inhibits tyrosinase. Inhibiting tyrosinase helps lighten your skin because this enzyme is responsible for melanin production, which creates the color of your skin. Studies suggest that this ingredient is strong enough on its own. For extra kick, Lucederm also delivers kojic acid. Kojic acid is known to be a helpful ingredient for melasma. Together, this combination helps reduce age spots to even out your skin tone.

Lucederm also offers additional natural skin lighteners. Mulberry extract and bearberry extract are safe sources of hydroquinone.

Possible Side Effects

The use of kojic acid in the Lucederm formula can aggravate any skin allergies you might have as well as cause skin irritation. Lucederm also contains two different parabens. Parabens are preservatives that can irritate your skin as well.


Lucederm is a pretty good skin brightening cream. Lucederm uses relatively safe ingredients that have the power to produce results; depending on your skin’s sensitivity you may experience some irritation. This cream retails for $39.95. An important note about this product is that Lucederm was actually reformulated and renamed recently. Lucederm is now available as Epibright.

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September 01, 2015