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By Carol Dempson
October 14, 2015


MEDlitenMEDliten is a skin lightening serum designed to help you achieve an even skin tone and complexion. MEDliten isn’t just an ordinary skin brightener for erasing age spots. Instead, this serum addresses all sorts of skin discoloration like scarring, freckles, and dark underarms. What sets MEDliten apart from a lot of other alternatives is its ability to be used for “intimate” areas as well. This treatment offers a natural formula that adheres to your skin to prevent melanin (skin color) development.


The immediate benefit we see with MEDliten is it avoids using harmful hydroquinone. MEDliten actually blends alpha arbutin with kojic acid for a safer way to lighten the skin. Alpha arbutin happens to be a derivative of hydroquinone, but it was recently studied to be a better alternative. According to the Biochemical Research Laboratory in Japan, alpha arubtin prevents hyperpigmentation. The study reports that the “results indicate that alpha arbutin is an effective and safe ingredient for skin-lightening.”

Kojic acid is also an effective skin lightening ingredient. The American Academy of Dermatology says kojic acid is a treatment for melasma. MEDliten uses this ingredient as an over-the-counter convenience for less severe skin discoloration.

Possible Side Effects

Unlike any number of the hydroquinone skin brightening treatments, MEDliten is a safe alternative. MEDliten is sensitive for all skin types. For extra safety, it is smart to use sunscreen alongside this serum to protect the skin.


We really like that MEDliten is a solution for all unwanted pigmentation. The MEDliten bottom line is good news. MEDliten can indeed help you even out your skin tone. For maximum effectiveness and the visible results you expect it will require some patience. Most reports of significant skin improvement take up to six weeks of regular use.

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October 14, 2015