By Carol Dempson
October 9, 2015

Oxytoxin Type II

oxytoxin type ii

Oxytoxin Type II is advertised to erase the signs of aging. From wrinkles to puffiness to dark circles and bags, Oxytoxin’s clinically proven ingredients supposedly “take 10-20 years off the look of your eyes.”

That sounds pretty convincing . . .but will you really see those kind of results?

Over-the-top advertising may sell a product, but it doesn’t mean Oxytoxin Type II will work. Let’s take a closer look together at what it really does.

What Exactly is Oxytoxin Type II?

Leaking capillaries beneath the skin’s surface causes dark circles. This happens throughout the entire body, but under eye skin is extremely thin, making it easy for discoloration to show.

Oxytoxin Type II was designed with a simple, yet powerful, formula. It uses Eyeseryl, Pepha-Tight and vitamin C.

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How Powerful is the Oxytoxin Type II Formula?

I discovered that each ingredient plays a specific role and works to restore healthier, younger-looking skin. A 5.0% ingredient concentration is used for better potency and absorption.

Eyeseryl, is a patented peptide and is more advanced than almost all other peptides. It reduces puffiness, bags, and dark circles significantly in just fifteen daysIn fact, Eyeseryl clinical studies show a 30 percent increase in skin elasticity and a 70 percent reduction in dark circles. [1]

The second ingredient, Pepha-Tight, tightens the skin by strengthening its connective tissues. It also stimulates collagen production and protects against oxidation. In clinical trials Pepha-Tight proved its ability to tighten the skin, smoothing out wrinkles. [2]

Oxytoxin Type II’s third and final ingredient is Vitamin C. Vitamin C maintains overall skin health, and even aids collagen production.

Will Oxytoxin Type II Cause Any Side Effects

Oxytoxin Type II uses a straightforward, all-natural formula. Because it is an all-natural treatment, Oxytoxin Type II is a side effect-free remedy for damaged and aged skin.

How Much Does Oxytoxin Type II Cost?

The retail price for Oxytoxin Type II is a whopping $149.99, but you can purchase it from the official product website for only $49.99. Furthermore, if you buy in bulk, you can get additional discounts and promotions:

1 Bottle: $49.99
2 bottles: $89.99
3 Bottles: $119.99 – receive 1 Free Bottle of Oxytoxin Type II

Even though buying in bulk saves you money, this is still a bit more expensive than other anti-wrinkle creams.

Is Oxytoxin Type II a Guaranteed Product?

Yes, Oxytoxin Type II comes with a 90-day money back guarantee, good for one fully used bottle and any unused bottles.

I like that the guarantee gives you a full 90 days to decide how you feel about Oxytoxin Type II. Especially when you pay this much, you want to be positive you like it.

If you don’t like your results, you can contact customer support by emailing

Do I Recommend Oxytoxin Type II?

Oxytoxin Type II has the potential to reduce wrinkles since it naturally stimulates collagen production to restructure skin.

With its natural ingredients, Oxytoxin Type II is more effective than chemical-laden products with unnecessary fillers. I feel confident in Oxytoxin Type II’s abilities. If you are trying to reduce your age lines and dark circles, you should try it.

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[1] “Eyeseryl Solution B: Reduce Your Puffy EyeBags.” Life Centerchem INC. Jul 2009: n. page. Web. 11 Oct. 2012.

[2] “Pepha-Tight: Choose the Fast Lane to Superior Skin Tightening.” DSM Nutritional Products Ltd. Jan 2009: n. page. Web. 11 Oct. 2012.

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Anna Harris Says:

I purchased 4 bottles of Oxytoxin eye cream on the 20th July. Unfortunately,I wish to return the products as i am allergic to them. As i live in Australia,it is difficult to obtain a Return Merchandise Authorization Number.My Order ID is HRWR201407200158-222010. Please could you assist me in this matter. Thank you.
Anna Harris

August 14, 2014 at 7:08 pm

violettrapdoor Says:

Anna, we area just a review site and do not sell the product. You will have to contact the Oxytokin manufacturer directly.

September 25, 2014 at 11:38 am

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